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Evening code fans.

I'm making some progress on a software system that I'm building at work, and I've started to enjoy the process of finding a problem, creating a solution, and writing code to represent what I've come up with. But now I wanna try something new...

I've been hearing a lot about Ruby on Rails in recent times, and I'm highly interested in it at this point. For those of you who don't know, Ruby is an object oriented programming language, but it's different from Java and C# in that it's a scripting language, so it doesn't get compiled down to machine code before it's run. "Rails" is a framework written for the Ruby language that makes it ridiculously easy to create websites in a Model-View-Controller sorta way. Just to get a basic web server up and running requires only 2 super simple commands on the command line!

A Rails webpage differs from ASP.NET MVC (the stuff I'm using at work) in that it doesn't require Microsoft servers to host it - translation : possibility for FREE hosted webpages using services like Heroku. A few popular sites that run on Rails include :

Yellow Pages
Living Social

for a more complete and prettier list, click here.

Frickin' Twitter! Twitter runs on Rails! An open-source (oh yeah, it's open source too! and has a HUGE community for support, questions, and plug-ins & frameworks for anyone who wants to use 'em) web framework runs one of THE most visited site in the world!

SO all-in-all, I was excited about the possibilities, but I didn't know how to get into Ruby. I mean, learn a new language, just like that? Who's gonna teach me? I'm not even a graduate yet! Lo and behold, I found this awesome site called It hand holds you through the first bit of learning Ruby, and I mean it HOLDS your HAND! It tells you exactly what to type, and what Ruby's doing when you hit enter. I'm also planning on beginning reading a book on the Ruby language called Programming Ruby 1.9. Hopefully something comes of it. If you're interested in web dev, or find coding fun, click the link above to try it out!

Happy coding.


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