Rate my design

Yesterday I worked on refactoring one of the components in my ASP.NET MVC2 project. If anybody's reading and knows anything about software, I'd be glad to have your feedback on the design.

The controller handles all the logic, taking requests from the web and processing/delivering the response. My models are basically just data-transfer objects, and the Views are each strongly typed to a model, so that it can access values given by the controller.

There are 3 different types of views, one inside the other.

The outermost view is not type cast to any model, it just calls some javascript that asynchronously loads _ServerView views into a div element. The _ServerView's are strongly-typed to ServerModel's. The _ServiceView holds the smallest bit of information, and they're loaded one-by-one for each _ServerView. The _ServiceView is type cast to a ServiceModel.

Using this structure, we can have any number of _ServerView views on a page, and any number of _ServiceView views for each _ServerView. This is stuff that the business-side would desire to be configurable. .......Any thoughts? HA!


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