Mono for Android

I'm excited.

I've recently been looking for a way to motivate myself to learn better software development practices, and stumbled on something called mono. No, I didn't get it from kissing someone. Mono for Android is sort of a Visual Studio plug-in which allows one to develop Android applications in C# ! I'm SOOOO happy about this.

Personally, I learned Java in school and tried out Android development for a couple weeks, and liked it. Unfortunately, Java is going the way of the dinosaur, and it seems that .NET is taking it's place. That's why I decided to pursue learning C# instead of Android.

Now that mono has arrived and (hopefully - I'm updating the API's as I type) works, I can pursue BOTH Android development AND .NET ! Basically this means I can get good at working for the man, and developing for myself.

I'm super excited.

For a brief history of mono's inception, check out this blog:

AND if you're a .NET dev and wanna try it out, the trial version is FREE :


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